JPP Fusteria SL


José pons

Mr. Jose Pons Pons
Founding member and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Germán Pons

Mr. Germán Pons
Workshop Manager aluminum (A. Cortizo), PVC (Salamander-Brugman) and purchasing of material.

Kico Pons

Mr. Kico Pons
Charge of the carpentry shop and paint, bathroom and kitchen furniture and appliances.

José Pons, fill

Mr. José Pons
Charge of manufacturing and assembly section of PVC (Salamander-Brugman), the section of aluminum (A. Cortizo), as well as bath screens, mosquito nets and the placement of doors seccionables.

Ross Pons

Ms. Ross Pons
Administration, accounting and bureaucratic procedures in general.

JPP Fusteria SL is a company founded on January of 1994, but their beginnings go back in 1968 when Don Jose Pons initiated its activities of factory of wood carpentry in two warehouses of the c/ Maó, of es Castell. In 1985 it participated, among others, as promotional of the industrial estate of es Castell, and when the infrastructure works allowed it, it transferred the company to the polygon. In 1987 his sons joined the business. In 1994 year we mounted a section of aluminum carpentry and when the section was consolidated, we came to the extension with another ship. At the present time we have 2000 m2 of paving with a construction of 1400 m2 places setting and one ample group.

During these years the company has grown, without haste but without pause, but as time passes for all, Don Jose Pons has ceased as a manager, handing over responsibilities to their children jointly. Up to now the founder and CEO to become chairman of the board of directors, leaving the active work and doing the work that the office entails. Strive for good governance with transparency and trust, for a business project with effective decision making, without losing the family nature of the business.

The year 2010 will go down in history as the year of the crisis and the year that Spain and we won a World Cup that we are committed to our customers, we aim to put into operation a new section of PVC, becoming the first company Balearic ready to manufacture aluminum, wood and pvc.

This new activity is brought about by two very fundamental reasons: first, in the difficult times we face, we have the time to undertake new challenges, the second, the desire to work and grow as a company with my children. Without these two conditions, the expansion of our company's services would not be possible. In mid-September, we will be able to provide the PVC doors and windows made in our workshop Polygon d 'Es Castell brand Salamander / Brügmann, we can supply aluminum window frames, blinds, shutters, windows tilt-wing with RPT, doors street, sliding windows and aluminum monobloc brand CORTIZO.

We manufacture in general carpentry, doors, windows, kitchen furniture, certified beams, pergolas and a long list of wood products.

Continue to offer the products we sell regularly: partitions and bathroom furniture, mosquito nets vertical and horizontal opening doors, sectional metal and wood, folding and sliding, with the installation of engines for the opening of any door model.

In keeping with our policy of expansion in 2014 will expand the aluminum and PVC section with a new supplier of brand WINDOWCAS windows, window manufacturer. This new product will market the two modalities Information: first, with or without pre-frame, windows will be placed in the work by JPP Fusteria, and the second mode is for customer pick up at our warehouse and place himself.

We inform you that we have in stock prefabricated windows.

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